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Lifeline Cell Technology™

  • (HBSMC) Human Bladder Smooth Muscle Cells

    Cat.-Nr: FC-0043

    Lifeline® Normal Human Bladder Smooth Muscle Cells (HBSMC), when grown in Lifeline® VascuLife® SMC Medium, provide an ideal low serum (5%) culture... Read More

  • 2% Alizarin Red Stain

    Cat.-Nr: CM-0058

    Lifeline® 2% Alizarin Red stains for calcium deposits which are indicative of functional osteocytes and is a useful tool when used with Lifeline®... Read More

  • AdipoLife Basal Medium

    Cat.-Nr: LM-0021

    AdipoLife™ is a new medium based on the formulas found in academic literature for the differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells into... Read More

  • Alcian Blue Staining Kit

    Cat.-Nr: LL-0051

    Lifeline® Alcian Blue Staining Kit contains: fixative solution, sucrose stabilizer solution, Alcian Blue stain solution and acetic acid wash... Read More

  • Bronchial Media LifeFactors Kit

    Cat.-Nr: LS-1047

    This kit contains the associated supplements and growth factors for use with Human Airway Epithelial Cells and BronchiaLife™ Basal Medium. With... Read More

  • BronchialLife Basal Medium

    Cat.-Nr: LM-0007

    BronchiaLife™ Basal Medium is optimized for the serum-free culture of Human Airway Epithelial Cells (including Bronchial/Tracheal Epithelial, Lobar... Read More

  • CD14+ Monocytes System Complete Kit

    Cat.-Nr: LL-0080

    CD14+ Monocytes with RPMI Medium in a Complete Kit. The CD14+ Monocytes System Complete Kit includes: 5M CD14+ cryopreserved Monocytes RPMI 1640-FBS... Read More