Our Services

For over 30 years we have been a reliable supplier to our customers. In addition, we also offer other interesting services. Please contact us for special information, requests or services. We are always happy to help with advice and support.

Tissue Dissociation

  • We help you to get the right collagenase for your tissue / experimental set-up
  • Collagenase Lot reservation possible
  • Collagenase test program
    • Under the program, individual researchers are provided with 100 mg samples of up to two different lots of collagenase for evaluation in their own assay systems.
    • A period of 4 weeks is allowed for your evaluation of these samples.
    • A minimum of 5 grams of each lot will be placed on HOLD, reserved in your name.
    • When you determine which lot performs best for you, simply specify the lot desired when ordering.

Cells and Media

  • Custom cell isolation
  • Custom cell culture medium
  • Cell Lot reservation possible

Coagulation / Haemostasis

  • Different vialing of human factors
  • Customer-specific SCAT tubes
  • Customized production possible (labeling, buffer,…)


  • iPSCs generation
  • Functionality of iPSC (histology, Teratoma Assay, PCR, etc.)
  • Genome editing of iPSCs, cell lines, etc.