CytoSoft® – New T-25 and T-75 Flasks Substrates of Varying Rigidity

CytoSoft® T-25 and T-75 flasks provide an increased surface area for passaging cells on an in vivo-like substrate.


The CytoSoft® portfolio includes a broad range of formats designed for different phases of research, including:

6-well plates – Initial discovery

24 and 96-well plates – High resolution imaging / publication quality data

T-25 and T-75 flasks – Cell passaging / expansion


Advanced BioMatrix (ABM) has acquired the HyStem® line of products from Lineage Cell Therapeutics (LCT)

The TARGATT™-HEK293 Master Cell Line and Knock-in Kit was designed for fast and site-specific knock-in in HEK293 cells, using an easy-to-use gene knock-in approach. The master cell line provided in this kit contains an “attP” integrase-recognition landing pad engineered into the hH11 safe harbor locus in the genome. The kit also contains a cloning plasmid containing a corresponding “attB” sequence into which any gene of interest can be cloned (under control of the CMV promoter or a promoter-of-choice). The expression of the integrase (provided as an integrase plasmid) mediates the stable integration of the transgene into the master cell line (Figure 1). The TARGATT™ integrase technology enables highly efficient (>40 % without enrichment and ~90 % with selection), and site-specific DNA integration without disruption of internal genes. The TARGATT™-HEK293 master cell line can therefore be used for building mammalian cell libraries with site-specific, single transgene gene knock-in and uniform, stable gene expression.

Advantages of using TARGATT™ Master Cell Lines for gene knock-in:

– High efficiency Integration

– Site-specific, stable knock-in cell line generation

– Single copy gene integration into safe harbor locus

– Gene expression from an active, intergenic locus

– Low off-target integration

The TARGATT™-HEK293 master cell line and knock-in kit are suitable for research applications involving directed-evolution of proteins (vaccine development, drug screening, cell-based gene therapy), genome-wide screening, and other stable cell line generation applications. If you are interested to get your own MASTER cell line (including stem cells), please contact us to discuss your project.