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  • AlphaSTEM® Culture Substrate

    Cat.-Nr: MC01360

    AlphaSTEM® Culture Substrate is a mouse monoclonal antibody that provides a defined surface for feeder-free generation and expansion of naive... Read More

  • AlphaSTEM® Differentiation Inducer

    Cat.-Nr: MD00312

    AlphaSTEM® Differentiation Inducer is a synthetic peptide that competitively inhibits the activity of NME7AB, the naturally occurring growth factor... Read More

  • StemLife MSC Basal Medium

    Cat.-Nr: LM-0011

    StemLife Basal Medium is optimized for the culture of human mesenchymal stem cells isolated from Wharton’s Jelly or Adult tissues, and human... Read More

  • StemLife NSC LifeFactors

    Cat.-Nr: LS-1105

    StemLife NSC LifeFactors® Kit is for use with Lifeline® StemLife Basal Medium and Human Induced Pluripotent Neural Stem Cells. The StemLife NSC... Read More

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