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Adhesion Molecules

  • CD14, Human Recombinant

    Cat.-Nr: 5089-0.1MG

    Human CD14 (monocyte differentiation antigen CD14) is a 375 amino acid, phospholipid anchored cell surface protein. This protein is preferentially... Read More

  • CD164, Human Recombinant

    Cat.-Nr: 5100-0.05MG

    CD164 (Sialomucins) belongs to a heterogeneous group of secreted or membrane-associated mucins that appear to play two key but opposing roles in... Read More

  • CD2, Human Recombinant

    Cat.-Nr: 5086-0.1MG

    CD2 is a surface antigen of the human T-lymphocyte lineage that is expressed on all peripheral blood T cells. It is one of the earliest T-cell... Read More

  • CD270, Human Recombinant

    Cat.-Nr: 5127-0.1MG

    The protein encoded by human tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 14 ( TNFRSF14, CD270) gene is a member of the TNF-receptor... Read More

  • CD274, Human Recombinant

    Cat.-Nr: 5126-0.1MG

    Human CD274 (programmed cell death 1 ligand 1) is a cell membrane protein which is involved in the costimulatory signal, essential for T-cell... Read More

  • CD276, Human Recombinant

    Cat.-Nr: 5123-0.1MG

    The protein encoded by human CD276 gene belongs to the immunoglobulin superfamily, and thought to participate in the regulation of T-cell-mediated... Read More

  • CD86, Human Recombinant

    Cat.-Nr: 5096-0.1MG

    Human CD86 gene encodes a type I membrane protein that is a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily. This protein is expressed by antigen-presenting... Read More

  • CDH13, Human Recombinant

    Cat.-Nr: 5125-0.1MG

    CDH13 gene encodes a member of the cadherin superfamily. The encoded protein is localized to the surface of the cell membrane and is anchored by a... Read More

  • CDH18, Human Recombinant

    Cat.-Nr: 5090-0.1MG

    Human CDH18 gene encodes a type II classical cadherin from the cadherin superfamily of integral membrane proteins that mediate calcium-dependent... Read More