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Tissue Dissociation Enzymes

Tissue Dissociation Enzymes
The full range of gold standard dissociation enzymes provides a solution for the dissociation of tissues or the harvesting of single cells. All tissue dissociation enzymes are offered in a variety of purities and activities, quality grades and package sizes to suit various applications.
They all come as lyophilised powder for convenience, versatility and stability. The range also includes large-scale bulk quantities.
Sampling Programme for Collagenase testing is also available. Contact us for further details.

Also available are optimised ready-to-use kits with gentle enzyme mixes and protocols for the isolation of specific cell types, such as:

Haven’t yet found your optimal dissociation protocol? Look through the Tissue Dissociation Guide to find your optimal protocol or try the CIT – Cell Isolation Optimizing System – CellSystems® to find your specific enzyme mix for your tissue of choice.

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