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  • DermaLife Basal Medium

    Cat.-Nr: LM-0004

    DermaLife Basal Medium is optimized for the culture of Human Dermal Epithelial Cells (including Keratinocytes, Adult Melanocytes, and Neonatal... Read More

  • Dermalife M LifeFactors Kit

    Cat.-Nr: LS-1041

    Supplements and growth factors for use with Human Melanocytes -Neonatal and DermaLife Basal Medium. The LifeFactors® are packaged in a convenient... Read More

  • DermaLife Ma LifeFactors Kit

    Cat.-Nr: LS-1063

    This kit includes the associated supplements and growth factors called “LifeFactors®” for use with Human Adult Melanocytes and DermaLife Basal... Read More

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