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Human Primary Cells

Human Primary Cells and Stem Cells

An extensive collection of unique primary cells from different tissues is available. These are obtained from a wide variety of donors in early passages (P0, P1). All primary cells have detailed donor specifications and are tested negative, by PCR, for the following: HIV-1, HIV-2, HBV and HCV.

Search by Cell Type or by Tissue Type.

For long-term projects, specific lots of primary cells can be reserved.
Are you searching for a very particular cell type from difficult-to-obtain tissues? Custom Cell Isolation is also available. Contact us for further details.

iPSC-derived Cells
Our range includes progenitors and differentiated cell lines derived from integration-free iPSCs, using feeder-free culture protocols. The cell lines have been fully characterised for the expression of cell type-specific biomarkers using immunohistochemistry and for their functional viability.

Please also see our Selective Media, optimised for the culture of human primary cells and our extensive portfolio of Extracellular Matrices for 2D and 3D culture.